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Dongtai a line of young entrepreneurs delegation to visit brightness photoelectric company
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        On 18 July afternoon, young entrepreneurs delegation organized by the city economic development zone, a line, the vice mayor, economic development zone, led by secretary of the working committee, management committee director Chen Xiaojun down brightness on-the-spot investigation photoelectric company, mutual exchange of learning. Company chairman Chen wei warm reception the delegation.
        Gathering talents, to integrate resources, to the masses of young entrepreneurs build a learning platform, communication, cooperation and development, unity, guides them to contribute to accelerate the local economic development for the beginning of may this year the city formed the city youth entrepreneur association, at present, a total of enrolling members more than 50 people, mainly composed of economic development zone enterprise. Association of the organization, the concentration of view is the first activity after the establishment.
         A line of young entrepreneurs delegation visited our company manufacture a LED photoelectric workshop and office products, listen to the chairman Chen wei is from the project, the construction company to the overall situation of the production of the introduction, when I LED lighting products of the company is currently the state encourages the green environmental protection and energy saving products, including our independent research and development of LED panel light of domestic similar products 70% of the total amount of export, and so on and so forth, young entrepreneurs after listen to very amazing. As chairman of the board and the second generation of the same age with us, they are in their respective fields has achieved outstanding results, to the enterprise development and management, the concept has its unique vision and visual Angle, when they walk in imposing manner, huge volume, equipment is advanced when the brightness of the photoelectric company won praise in succession. Entrepreneurs views, speak freely, everybody said, through the exchange of learning, widened the field of vision, widen the channels of information, to enhance the development of the power, expect to make full use of this platform, strengthen communication and cooperation, learn from each other, realize common development.

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