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Province, standing vice President of ccpit Ma Haining to brightness photoelectric company inspection
2013-9-23 Reading times £º[1185]

          On July 18, the provincial trade promotion association executive vice President of Ma Haining line to inspected brightness photoelectric company, vice chairman of the CPPCC Wu Shan wide, city business bureau Ding Sulan accompanied by inspection.
          Provincial foreign economic and trade promotion agency is the competent department of foreign economic relations and trade industry in our province, foreign import and export trade, yancheng city, the scale of the enterprise is the focus of the Ma Haining chairman visit.
          Horse, a line of a visit to the great interest brightness photoelectric company manufacturing a LED photoelectric workshop, ask for details of the production process, product development and foreign trade export, and so on and so forth, to watch the brightness photoelectric promotion and product exhibition hall. Chairman Chen wei, said to the horse, and brightness group after 30 years of unremitting efforts, has realized from the general lighting products to the fourth generation of highly efficient energy-saving LED lighting products successful transformation, the products sell well in more than 60 countries and regions in the world, including the LED panel lamp exports accounted for 70% of the nation's share, the horse head after listen to very happy, he said: the LED project belongs to the state encourages the development of green projects, brightness photoelectric powered by scientific and technological innovation, based on high-end equipment, with modern testing to ensure to build Asia's single biggest LED lighting manufacturing base development train of thought is in line with the state's overall development strategy, the brightness of photoelectric company product research and development, strengthen the export doubling fully affirmed, he encourages enterprises to continue to strengthen scientific research, focusing on the core technology, to improve the market competitiveness of products, is committed to building industry leaders.

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