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Dongtai vice secretary of municipal party committee and acting mayor of Chen Weigong to brightness photoelectric company inspection
2013-7-25 Reading times £º[826]
        On June 5, just the arrival of dongtai vice secretary of municipal party committee and acting mayor of Chen Weigong inspected brightness photoelectric company, vice mayor, Chen Xiaojun, director of the development zone management committee, deputy mayor Xia Sijun via letter committee, and city technology bureau, business bureau leadership accompanied by inspection. Group chairman Chen wei, general manager warmly received Chen Yusheng led line.
        Chen Weigong dongtai mayor of is just arrived, this is the second time she is unripe brightness, in less than a year of time, see brightness photoelectric construction speed, quality is high, the benefits of the good she is very happy. Chairman Chen wei to Chen Weigong introduced the brightness photoelectric products, sales, and the future development of the overall situation, visited the brightness photoelectric manufacture a LED workshop, product showrooms, watched the brightness photoelectric feature films. Visit end, Chen Weigong encourage companies to continuously introduce high-end research and development personnel, continuously develop high-tech LED products LED the world, taking the domestic and international high-end product market, to strengthen enterprise management, pay attention to the foundation, the enterprise bigger and stronger to do optimal, make unripe brightness products towards the outside world.
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