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Party inspection visit brightness photoelectric company research
2013-7-25 Reading times £º[774]
          On May 30, led by vice minister of provincial party committee organization of the provincial party committee came to inspect my company research inspection. Yancheng municipal committee, municipal party committee secretary of the zhuhai Zhang Lixiang, standing committee of municipal party committee, secretary of the discipline inspection commission LiuXiangYang, vice mayor, development zone management committee director Chen Xiaojun accompanied by inspection.
          Inspection LED photoelectric workshop, the delegation toured the hall of my company product exhibition hall, watch the propaganda films. A line of our company chairman Chen wei to study the overall brightness photoelectric LED project construction situation, when heard that brightness photoelectric company only took less than two years from construction to operation time, thought highly no-site review leadership. She said, LED lighting industry is one of the world lighting industry development trend and direction, is also the national 12th five-year plan to encourage and support the development of emerging industries, high brightness LED size scale, the equipment level, fast development represents the advanced level of the development of LED industry in China, to promote the development of LED industry is immeasurable demonstration and leading role. She encouraged brightness photoelectric company should constantly increase financial input and strengthen independent research and development ability, speed up the industrial construction, built in brightness optoelectronic industry base as soon as possible, strive to use two to three years time, will be built base leading domestic, international first-class LED lighting industry manufacturing base.
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