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The standing committee of the provincial Former deputy director Lin Xiangguo to brightness photoelectric company inspection
2013-7-25 Reading times £º[727]
         On May 19, the provincial standing committee of the standing generation Lin Xiangguo, deputy director of the provincial league committee, former director of GeShaoLin line to brightness photoelectric inspection. Yancheng municipal committee, municipal party committee secretary of the zhuhai Zhang Lixiang, yancheng Chen Weiguo, deputy director of the standing committee of National People's Congress standing committee of the zhuhai municipal party committee Cui Kang, LiuXiangYang LiuShuBin, deputy director of the municipal people's standing deputy mayor, city economic development zone management committee director Chen Xiaojun and other leaders to participate in the activities. Company chairman Chen wei Lin Xiangguo hosted a line.
        Lin Xiangguo the delegation toured the hall of LED photoelectric workshop, details about the company's production processes, product research and development and foreign trade export, chairman of the board of directors of the company, said Chen wei Lin group crossing through 30 years of entrepreneurship and development, from a name not only classical dozens of people, the production of hundreds of thousands of yuan village small business development has now more than 1000 employees, the output value of 600 million yuan scale group, general lighting lamps and lanterns of products from traditional development to now international leading, high efficiency and energy saving LED lighting products of green environmental protection, products from single to now hundreds of varieties of specifications, the developing course of form a complete industrial chain. Lin Xiangguo after listen to very happy and give high evaluation, he fully affirmed my company adhere to the new road of industrialization, promote the enterprises to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading, to create the world first-class LED lighting industry development path, he encouraged the company to continue to intensify scientific research, focusing on the core technology, and further enhance product market competitiveness, the enterprises bigger and stronger, as soon as possible to let Chinese out of Asia, LED lighting products to the world.
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